Richard Elmes provides marketing services to:


Get ahead of the crowd with tactical marketing support

  • Carry out those brand and product/solution marketing activities which all small businesses know they should be going but fail due to a lack of time, money or expertise.
  •  Support your business for 2-3 days per month to understand and draw up a tactical marketing plan for the development and enhancement your solutions and services.
  • Deliver IT retail focused marketing: value, measurable brand, product and solution actions within of the marketing mix including:


  1. Brochures: deliver high quality collateral to your sales teams and populate your website with new and compelling material.
  2. Photos and video taken with my own professional  equipment, edited / produced using Final Cut Pro or Adobe CS6 Premiere of your products, solutions and customers.
  3. Flyers: keep your customers up to date with your products and services
  4. FAQs and answers relating to your solutions
  5. Newsletters
  6. Branded collateral
  7. PowerPoints to assist your sales teams improve their performance
  8. Press releases and new product announcements
  9. E-Shots to your customers to announce new offerings and new products
  10. Case Studies, references or testimonials from your customer base
  11. Web site creation, management and content management
  12. Social media creation and regular posts.
  13. AdWord campaigns
  14. E-shots and other digital marketing activity
  15. Sourcing and vetting target mailshot addresses
  16. Any and everything which needs to be done to raise the profile of a software solution vendor in the IT retail/hospitality/energy/healthcare markets and bring in opportunities for sales to qualify and pursue.


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