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Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture’
-Anthony Burgess

Rapid, professional French to English business translation services.

I am a native English speaker, living near Oxford in the south of the UK. I studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge University and graduated in French, Italian and linguistics. After leaving university, I joined the IT industry and worked for many years in sales and marketing, working on many assignments which involved French to English translation for brochures, slide decks and other marketing material. My sales industry experience includes retail, hospitality, pharmaceutical, medical, transport & logistics, application programming / database management, banking and telecommunications. I moved into a marketing role with IBM UK and worked within the Retail Store Solutions Group identifying, training and motivating point of sale software solution providers on behalf of the European software partner group of IBM.

Over the years, I have maintained my love and use of the French language in my professional career which culminated in a spell of two years working in St Germain-en-Laye for an IT hardware and software solutions provider, managing the sales and marketing group within the banking sector. I was also charged with building a direct and channel sales and marketing operation across a number of countries in the Eurozone.

In 2014, I decided to retrain as a professional translator and read Translation Studies at the University of Bristol. I received my MA in Translation Studies in December 2015 after completing my dissertation on the 19th century work of Baron Jules Germain Cloquet entitled, ‘Manuel d’Anatomie Descriptive du Corps Humain’. French to English translation is now one of my company’s offered services in my portfolio.


My chosen areas of specialisation include:

  • Patient records, medical texts, Serious Adverse Events, (SAEs), drug reports,, website page and information sheets and manuals.
  • Technical sheets, specification flysheets, instructions and user guides.
  • Sales and marketing collateral for IT especially network systems, HTML website and client/server application systems.
  • Promotional brochures, advertisement copy and email content for retail and hospitality businesses.
  • Legal documents and scripts.
  • Training manuals and PowerPoint / Keynote slide decks.
  • Financial reports and user documents.
  • All website and digital media content including social media postings and blogs.
  • Editing, revision and proofreading.
  • Voice-over and scripting for video editing including dubbing, subtitling and transcription.
  • On-site document review where time is pressing and a gist translation of a large number of pages is required.
  • Software localisation:  the translation of menus and other user interfaces for the computer software industry.


References and CV


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See Richard's translation reference


Professional Associations

I am a member of several professional associations which support and maintain the professional excellence of the translation industry in the UK, including the ITI, ProZ and the Rosetta Foundation.


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