Why consider marketing?

It’s no secret: effective marketing for your business will increase the company’s visibility in its target sector which inevitably increases revenues and profits. However, your business may not need a full time marketing resource. For many small businesses, professional marketing support for a few days per month can dramatically improve your online presence, equip your salesmen with compelling sales collateral, add the benefit of digital marketing, improve customer contact and drive focus on lead generation.Get ahead of the crowd with tactical marketing support

Get ahead of the crowd with tactical marketing support

Look at the questions below; if you answered ‘no’ to any of them tactical marketing support from an experienced and focused professional will help you address these needs.

  • Do you have more than enough new sales prospects?
  • Are you successfully promoting your company and its solutions online?
  • Do you obtain and publish testimonials / endorsements from your customers?
  • Do you use the social media channels and AdWords to grow your business
  • Is your website compelling and the content regularly updated?
  • Do you regularly send e-shots to your target market?
  • Do you send e-shots to your customers – the easiest people to sell to?
  • Are your flyers, PowerPoints, brochures and product PDFs up-to-date?

If your company needs a value for money marketing service with specific focus on the retail sector, contact me, Richard Elmes, now for an initial discussion.

Find out more about the services I can offer your business today or find out more about my extensive marketing experience.

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